Appearance Schedule 2017

Appeared Previously at:

  • AnachroCon Feb 2016, GUEST – horror, literature, and costuming tracks
  • NECON July 2016, PANELIST – horror tv and film
  • Dragon Con Sept 2016, GUEST – Horror Track, YA Lit Track, Urban Fantasy Track, Steampunk Track
  • Monsterama – October 2016
  • Dragon Con 2015, ATTENDING PRO
  • World Horror Con/Bram Stokers 2015, Young Adult Programming Chair and panelist
  • Monsterama 2015, Literature Track Director and panelist
  • AnachroCon 2015, panelist horror track
  • Dragon Con 2014, Horror Writers Association Fan Table: Head Coordinator of all author signings (Christopher Golden, Jonathan Maberry, Cherie Priest, Delilah S. Dawson), staffing, and promotion of 2015 Bram Stokers in Atlanta
  • Dragon Con 2014, Horror Track: Hannibal, American Horror Story, Sleepy Hollow
  • Dragon Con 2014, Urban Fantasy Track: Bitten
  • Dragon Con 2013, British Track:  Neil Gaiman, Cornetto Trilogy, British (Hammer) Horror
  • AnachroCon 2014, Horror Track, Panelist
  • Crossroads Writers Conference 2013, Panelist: How to Get An Agent
  • Atlanta Comic Con 2013, Fan Table, Illustrator

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